Karen Kunc Master Class / From Block to Book

Karen Kunc Master Class // From Block to Book

October 8-16, 2016 

This hands-on workshop goes from printing color reduction woodcut images that become the pages of a hand bound book.   Quantities of pages will be generated using the woodblocks for an edition or with a monotype approach that steer the book structure and presentation.   The book as an edition or as a unique object will be explored.   Low-tech methods for text printing will be introduced, and paired with beautifully printed images from woodblocks, using oil-base and water-base inks.  All will be brought together for a bound or accordion folded book.  We will also generate a unique collaborative book with a contribution from each participant that plays with visual sequence and the unexpected new content from juxtaposition. The goal is to create artists books that generate a multi-level sensory experience. Concepts for invention and good fun will be directed in a collaborative atmosphere, while being inspired by master printmaker Karen Kunc, who opens the creative process with insightful mentoring.